Domain Profile

Made in South Africa . com History

Domain Creation: 4 February 1998

Domain Creator: S. Richard Imhof

Domain Purpose: Originally, the domain was created for the purpose of selling the name. In subsequent years, different websites were created under the domain. None of the websites were fully developed. The reason for partial development was due to a lack of knowledge about the economy in South Africa. Also, we had no connection to South Africa.

Domain Importance: The importance of a domain name cannot be understated today. There is too much competition for a new business to rely on a domain with no foundation. And any domain name for a business should be considered the FOUNDATION OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Past Offers: We have had countless offers to purchase this domain. Offers came from every corner on the planet since it was first registered. Most offers were extremely low. These low offers always came from people who had no idea what domains are worth on the market. For example, a domain sold in 2019 for 30 Million US dollars. Some of our other buyers offered a figure that was substantial but not near our expectation.

Who you are: You are upper level management with the power to hire and fire. You are 30-50 years of age with an advanced college degree in Business and Computers. You have friends and collegues who have already purchased domains for their businesses. You are someone in a small to medium sized company. You are someone who understands that there is ONLY .com in the international level of business. You are someone who will not pay for this domain with personal funds. You are someone who understands that domain names cannot be depreciated. You are someone who has studied the history of sales and purchases of domain names over the past 20 years.

Who we are: We are a small group of investors who purchased 200+ domains in 1998 because we knew back then just how important domains were then and are today. We were able to register 200+ domains but we actually tried to register 1,000s of other domains that were already registered. Just like many others like ourselves, they have stayed with these domains for all of these years. We never expected prompt sales of our domains. Domains sales are long term investments. We will wait for a very long time if necessary.

An comptetent executive who is starting a company knows, very well, just how important it is to have the proper domain. A great domain name is an icon that will live for generations. A bad domain name is nothing, and a bad domain will disappear into a black hole where all bad domain names eventually go. So you must think hard, and long, to determine your business plan for a valuable domain name. It is true that most business people do not factor in the cost of a domain name when starting a new business. When they learn of the unplanned expense for a great domain name, they are frequently angry, disappointed, dejected, disillusioned and defiant. This is all understandable. But when you realize that a domain is more important than office rent, electric bills, employee salaries or companies benefits, you will accept the eventuality of paying for what you get.